Everything you should know about Fap Titans browser online game - 2019 review and the mode of hack system that works for free

Fap Titans is the online game available via browser. You can use it from your PC computer or mobile devices with iOS and Android.

FapTitans basic details
Narrative Adult
Setting Fantasy
Interface Point and select
Gameplay RPG elements
Pacing Persistent
Art Hentai (anime/manga style)
Visual Fixed/flip screen
Perspective Side view
Genre Action
Platform Browser

Fap Titans is a clicker game where you are given the mission to stop the invasion of a horde of unexpectedly sexy monsters. You do not have much to do aside of clicking a monster non-stop to decrease its HP. You can buy new 'heroes' or 'heroines' and upgrade their skills with the dropped cash the monster give upon defeat.

If you don’t want to just wait for currency dropped by monsters, you can use special Fap Titans hack 2019 system and generate gold and gems to get as much currency as you need to play.

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Some basic details about FapTitans before you know useful cheats and hack methods for the game

Fap Titans is available on its own domain and on Nutaku. It’s your decision when you want to use it.

Introduction to Fap Titans details and cheats

Recruit babes who are both skilled in battle and insatiable in the bed to rid the kingdom of the ugliest creatures. Buy gold or use Faptitans hack cheat tool to get additional coins.

How many users play the game?
Players more than 18 000 000
Languages English, Russian, German, Chinese
Platform Browser

When enemies grow stronger and more dastardly, more clicks are needed to defeat them. The faster one clicks, the faster the bad guys go down. Of course, another springs up in their place, and the cycle starts again. Collecting coins, you can hire next hentai girls to help and with special FapTitans cheats you can be the winner.

Faptitans hacks

Characters, monsters and heroes of Fap Titans - who you can meet in the game?

Know characters you can meet in FapTitans:

    • Lovia Suckster
    • Gynoid
    • May Thermae
    • Kogyaru
    • Sekkusu Haramoto
    • Dwarfy Slime
    • Awful Poke-monster
    • Normal Tentacle Beast
    • Clumsy Slime
    • Coquettish Orc
    • Crafty Tentacle Beast
    • Strong Lion
    • Yapping Orc
    • Darned Lion
    • Disgusting Poke-monster
  • SKILLS - a list of skills is shown in a column dividing the monster display from the heroes. They are unlocked as heroes level up. They include:
    • Akira Hitsujikai level 25
    • Hoshi Asashin level 100
    • Mariko Kikaibaka level 75
    • Kamiko Futuro level 100
    • Mi Hyo level 250
    • Takaro Kaminoken level 75
    • Amaya Karasu level 75.

How to hack Faptitans? You’ll know the way soon to make playing in the game even better.


Gameplay and features of Fap Titans - check before you start

The game is an endless clicker, designed for many sessions and can be played in the browser. Since clicking without stopping would be boring, the project also has Heroes – brave female characters that help you fight against a lot of monsters. Each character is fighting for a cash reward from you.

Monsters are becoming stronger and stronger and you need to improve your skills. You can do it different ways - killing opponents more effectively or buy skills. With FapTitans hack free system you can get extra gold and gems and make playing the game more pleasurable.

Every 5 levels you have the fight with the boss. Killing the boss, you get coins and the prize in the chest. You can use superheroes to help you - they are available as reward after fighting with the boss or you can buy them. Doing daily tasks, you get the possibility to earn some additional currency. It’s nice to get cash from the gameplay but also the option for additional free money is great. This way you can make fighting with bosses easier and you have the possibility to hire superheroes. As you can see, the FapTitans coins hack is always the good option for users.

Fap Titans Multiplayer - hacks for users

The multiplayer mod is available in a couple of leagues. But you have to first enter these leagues. You start with the 0 level and you can get into:

  • SILVER LEAGUE - you collect gold to have the possibility to play all day. You can also enter the league having the generator and creating coins you need
  • GOLD AND TOP LEAGUES - they multiple gifts and currency you got:
    • in Gold League x2
    • in Top League x3.

You can rank higher but remember that everything is easier with special FapTitans hack that allows you to generate coins necessary to play the game.

Know your tasks in Fap Titans and some hints for the gameplay

More details and some tips for users who want to start playing FapTitans. Know FapTitans hacks and be the master of the game.

After defeating the first 9 enemies, Fap Titans gives you the ability to hire Heroes that will attack on your behalf: Akira Hitsujikai is the first one you can pick and she’s only 10 coins.

Playing the game, you can see special packages that are connected with getting additional coins - one for $2 and the larger one for $29.99. You can buy the currency or use FapTitans hacked cash created with the special 2019 mode currency adder.

Increasing the difficulty in FapTitans requires spending coins to play more efficient

Fap Titans gets harder when your levels goes higher. You need more cash to increase characters and fight more efficient with monsters.

And now it’s the time to make decision if you want to buy the currency or hack it with the reliable and working way that provides unlimited amounts of coins you need. The FapTitans hack coins system works for each interested user with the Internet connection. And it’s the best solution you can get and use in the completely gratis mode.


Overall review of Fap Titans - 2019 overview of the game that may be played without paying

Let’s know the opinion about FapTitans and all details connected with playing this game.

FapTitans pros and cons
Advantages Disadvantages
theoretically free to play
simple clicker/incremental gameplay
sexy hentai characters
guided walkthrough
you can use the generator to get the currency
slow start
tons of non-sexy filler
expensive if you want to play it quickly and in 100%

FapTitans hack points for users that are key issues will be written in the next chapter.

Tips for all FapTitans users - 2019 advices

What are tips to maximize FapTitans resources?

  • when you just play for the first time, you have the chance to get some extra quests. They are available for first 24 or 48 hours. Do them to get extra cash
  • quests often involve unlocking regular images, and that causes the image price to go up. Avoid unlocking images when it's not for a quest
  • reborning and getting 4 gems, spend them unlocking 2 gold rooms
  • use the generator to get extra coins.

The most important time in Fap Titans is first 24-48 hours of your playing. Then you can get some extra tasks that are free and can provide you lots of additional things. The next important tip is the fact that you can use the 2019 generator and always generate some extra coins to spend the way you need.

fap titans diamonds

The special Fap Titans guide for unlockable heroes and characters

Below the list of unlockable heroes available when you play Fap Titans. Familiarize with all of them before you start playing. Below the list of Fap Titans all heroes.

FapTitans Gallery heroes tips

Gallery heroes:

  • KONO FUKUKO (Mediocre) - 5% boost to your abilities gives you 20% in total
  • SHIME MUIKA (Somewhat useful) - baseline boost of 0.25% of your dps to your dpc, in total you get a full 1%
  • OZAWA KIYOSHI (Garbage Tier) - 5% to the dps of all your heroes (20% in total), by the time you unlock her it's negligible
  • USHIODA ROMI (God Tier) - 0.50% of your dps to dpc, and 10% to total dps of all heroes, total of 1% dpc and 20% dps. She has low self dps buffs but also she has big base stats and it makes it stronger than heroes with bigger stats. But she has also one disadvantage - you can't boost without investing in a very expensive new superhero, and without that she is susceptible to power creep from heroes who do it.

Working Fap Titans cheats are important for users who want to play successfully. The next important thing is reliable FapTitans cheat engine providing enough coins to get everything you need in the game.


Wheel of Fortune heroes and hacks for users

Wheel of Fortune FapTitans heroes:

  • UTSUNOMIYA IWA (Great) - unlocked by spinning the wheel of fortune 100 times and getting the lucky spin. It costs 450 diamonds (about $20) or you can just use the 2019 generator and get her in just a couple of minutes. She provides 50%,100%,150% and 200% boost to the amount of gold bosses drop and stack to 500% total
  • CHIO and NORIKO (Great) - unlocked by spinning the wheel of fortune 500 times that gives 2250 diamonds or $100. With her you get a 5% chance to a critical hit and deal 10 times damage when clicking, 20% total, stacks with other heroes that also give crit chance
  • TAKATA AREI (God Tier) - you can get her the same way as Utsunomiya in a different wheel cycle. She reduces the number of servers you must kill to advance. Don't stack but replace each other: -1,-2,-3, and then -5
  • YAZAWA UTAKO (Bad) - unlocked the same as Chio and Noriko. She provides 25%, and 50% bonuses to your abilities power, 150% total. Negligible boost and average dps stats. She costs $100 or 2250 diamonds and it's the worst hero of wheel ones.

Each hero has its own price if you want to get them quick. You can pay for them with your real money but they can be very expensive. It’s better to use the Fap Titans cheat method and save money.

DT rank heroes of Fap Titans

The next group of heroes is DT. Who can you find there?

  • ICHIOKA REI (Pretty useful) - she has regular bonus for bosses, not for DT chiefs. She's useful with gold miner
  • KOTOBUKI ISAMU (Great) - the cheaper version of Utsunomiya with 100%,150%,200%, and 250% boost to gold dropped by bosses. They stack to a total of 700%
  • YASHIDA HIROE (Great) - the cheapest hero for you. She provides 5% crit chances, and stack to a total of 20%
  • YOSHIMURA BACHIKO (Disappointing) - very disappointing hero. She has high stats but it's hard to use and you need lots of time and effort to unlock her.

First you unlock Ichioka, then Kotobuki, next Yashida and Yoshimura. Heroes are unlocked by ranking in the top 3 during a dark tower.

fap titans essence

Wave pack FapTitans heroes

And here's the place where you can spend lots of money if you want to play quick but in the traditional way. Heroes has to be unlocked with special wave packs. Prices of packages increases $10 each time till the final price of $100. There are 6 packs and you have to spend $250 to get all of them. And here’s the great moment to use Fap Titans cheat codes to save money but still have the option to get these characters:

  • YUKARI TENSHI (Garbage tier) - costs $30 and has average stats. Useful mainfly for easier reborns
  • INO YUU (Ok) - costs $20. Even useful but it still isn't anything great
  • OKAWA EGAO (Ultra super mega garbage Tier) - costs $30 and it's total junk. Theoretically it has quite good stats but it isn't useful as much as she should be
  • SAWANO YUSUKE (Amazing) - it costs $40 and she's great. Bonuses are a 3%,5%,7%, and a 15% discount, total of 30%
  • MORIMOTO RAKU (Mediocre) - the hero that costs $50. Provides 25%,50%,75%, and a 150% boost, total of 300%
  • KON MIKAZUKI (God empress tier) - the price of her is $100. She multiplies your dps 5x,10x,20x, and then 30x. She's great but she's also expensive to get.

Here you can see bigger prices and in this situation the option of Fap Titans hacks may be very helpful in getting extra bonuses for free.

DT guest heros of FapTitans

They are unlocked by completing the DT questline. Having the hero means 4 promotions. Who can you meet there?

  • SATIRI AISIKO (Demi-god Tier) - pure DPSer, easier to get and better than Yoshimura. She’s amazing hero
  • SHARKY (Useful) - provides critical hits and a 3% chance, and a total of 12%.

And heroes available only with special offers:

  • ZETTAI BOWCON (God tier) - weaker and cheaper Kon for $49. The price and usage are at the same level. It's nice to have her, especially when you can get her with the hack
  • BLOODY LADY (God tier) - also for $49. She multiplies gold earnings to 2x,4x,6x,and 8x
  • FOXY (Pretty good) - best DPC of all Dps bonuses (1%,2%,3%, and 4% bonuses, 10% total)
  • WAITU LEKKA (Demi-god tier) - transfers some of your gold% from DT into the regular game. Unique skills are 1%,2%,3%, and 4%, for a total of 10%.

Sometimes there are also other special heroes for holidays and other important days in the calendar. It’s hard to describe all of them but easy to use the FapTitans hack to make playing the game easier.


Conclusions connected with Fap Titans and the gameplay of the game (2019 review of the site)

FapTitans is the clicker or incremental game. The way of playing is simple and you have probably have already played something like this before. The difference connected with this game exactly is the adult hentai scenery. You can just click and look at girls and the additional thing is rewarding. You earn and can use coins to hire new heroes or improve your skills.

You can play the game the traditional way or use the adder for the currency. The Fap Titans hack is the 2019 cheat engine that be your unlimited coins provider.

The game is theoretically free but with gold Fap Titans is better

FapTitans is the game that you have in one tab, doing different things in the another one. You notice fast that buying gold is almost necessary in the game. With bought coins, you level faster and kill monsters only with few clicks. Fap Titans is addictive and almost everybody starts buying gold.

But what in the situation when you want to play in the full mode but safe your cash? The solution is one and you can start using the way very fast and in the completely gratis option. You need just the working Internet connection and registered Fap Titans login.

fap titans generator

Know better the 2019 mode FapTitans working generator that is the reliable coins adder for every player

Having the option to save money is great for everybody. Using the hack, you can play the game in the premium option but everything for free. The generator is compatible with all devices you may use to connect with the Internet. This cheat method works for:

  • PC Windows computers
  • Mac computers with MacOS
  • smartphones with Android operating systems
  • mobile phones made by iPhone, with iOS operating system.

You don’t have to do any special actions to get coins for Fap Titans. The generating process takes only about 5 minutes and then you can start enjoying FapTitans game without limits caused by lack of the currency. The generator may be used by you more than once. With the special 2019 update you can use the tool as many times as you want what makes the adder your regular coins source.

The Fap Titans cheat engine is now also more efficient. It got more servers located around the World what made it the powerful tool available for all users around the World with the same efficiency. Now doesn’t matter where you are from, the process of getting the currency is the same for all users from different countries. Remember also that the system works online and automatic. It’s available to use anytime you want, without breaks and holidays. You can get coins for FapTitans 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Last details and cheats for all Fap Titans users

2019 mod of the generator is something great and unique and our users appreciate the fact that they can use it. The game has lots of devoted players and they need lots of coins to make the gameplay more interesting and faster. What’s important, the adder may be used both by experienced and new users. For everybody it works the same and efficient way.

Taking into the consideration all FapTitans cheats and details, you should be interested in using the hack. It makes everything more comfortable and cheaper or even completely free. The game has more than 18,000,000 players and about 10-15% of them use the generator to get the currency in the gratis mode. Why the adder is so appreciated by users?

  • it works mobile, without app/apk modes
  • it’s available on PC and mobile devices
  • it may be used 24/7
  • one player may use it more than once
  • access to the tool isn’t limited because of the location
  • the process of generating gems takes only about 5 minutes
  • the generator unblocks many various additional things.

fap titans currency hack

Fap Titans is the online browser game that is great and may be hacked with the generator in the special 2019 mode. Remember that using the adder is free and you can generate as much currency as you need to play. This cheat tool has also the anti-bot system that works to prevent misuses. Users who can generate coins with bots must be verified by the special script to provide that they are humans. If the system detects problems like these, you must fill a simple task to provide that you are not the bot. If you use the generator for your own needs, the verification is always automatic and you don’t have to do any special things.

Use the FapTitans hack method if you want to save money and enjoy all paid premium modes of the game. With this special 2019 mod it’s possible for every user who can connect their devices with the Internet. The process of generating is quick, easy and intuitive. It causes that the adder is very popular among normal Fap Titans users who just want to have fun playing the game. You can be one of them, the member of the huge cheat community and users who can play all premium modes of Fap Titans without spending their private money on additional options available in the game.


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7.6 Very Good Based on 38 reviews
9-10 stars
7-8 stars
5-6 stars
3-4 stars
1-2 stars
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this game is weak compared to the competition. As for the operation of the generator, it works fine and what is needed. necessary to use as you play!

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I remember how I played it 3 years ago. Now it's easier to get hold of all the pussies as you have a generator that works. Thanks kiwi! With an extra charge, it is much faster to pass the whole game

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perfect :)

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The generator works and the game is still just as good :)

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fuck, shit, there are better games.

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It used to be playing ... thanks for refreshing my memory and thanks for the free items: D It's easier to get back into the game.

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