What is iStripper? 2019 review, hack mode and overall details of the site and credits

The iStripper is the interactive online game. It bases on technology of video inlay. You can have the private strip show in 4k UHD with the hottest girls, including porn stars. the site is easy to use and each girls has the preview so you can choose the right one for you to see her fully naked.

Basic details of iStripper
Available for Windows and Mac PC computers
Version 1.2.226
Release date Apr 11 2019
License Freeware
Currency Credits (available to buy in USD)
Publisher Totem Entertainment Ltd

Now you’ll know all iStripper cheats, the way to hack official coins and the big 2019 review of the site.

istripper cheats


Something about iStripper - cheats, details, basic pieces of information you should know in 2019

iStripper basic specification
Primary niche Specialty
Secondary niche Sex game

It's enough to download the necessary software to enjoy girls dancing and stripping as you browse the Internet.

iStripper dates
Launched 2016 in this form

The official currency on the site are credits, available to buy in packages:

  • $4.99 for 25 coins
  • $11.99 for 75 coins
  • $29.99 for 250 coins
  • $49.99 for 500 coins.
Exclusivity The content is exclusive
Limits There are no limits of using

The content on iStripper is top quality and exclusive. Fortunately, it may be hacked with special tool that generates credits.

istripper hack

iStripper features important for all users - free review about the site

Before you get knowledge how to hack iStripper, you should know the site and it pros and cons better. This online browser game is something special that will please even more demanding users.

iStrippers advantages important for users in 2019

If you wonder if it’s worth to use iStripper hack, it’s the time to know advantages of using the site. Remember that free iStripper may be yours anytime you want. To access the site, you must start with downloading the software necessary to see babes. The content you pay, is then available for you anytime you want for free from your collection. Cards are updated every week so you can see fresh content regularly. When you get the clip remember that each card you download comes with the standard desktop animation, as well as a photo set available as a zip download and anywhere between one to two small bonus clips that you can stream or download.

The content is so exclusive as you can notice. But it isn’t everything. Also managing the site is easy and you can find everything you want there.

The next big advantage of using the site is also the solution called iStripper coins hack that was designed to make everybody the option to enjoy the content of the site in the gratis mode.


iStrippers disadvantages important for users in 2019

There are 2 main disadvantages connected with the site:

  • you need coins to use the site
  • older scenes aren’t available in HD.

We can’t do anything with the HD quality, but fortunately we have the solution for coins. With iStripper hack coins method you can get the access to unlimited currency and this way have the chance to enjoy the site in the unlimited version.

Important details of iStripper and its content in the connection with 2019 updated hack modes

Here you get some basic details connected with iStripper. It’s easy to hack the official coin of the site called the credit. Credits are available to buy in special packages but with us they are available to cheat with reliable 2019 updated tool ready to use by all users.

File sizes (HQ)
Cards ~600MB - 1GB
JPG ~245KB - 2MB
MP4 ~100MB - 150MB

HD videos details:

  • all latest iStripper videos are made in the HD quality
  • file type: MP4
  • Bit-Rate: 4000k-6000k
  • dimensions: 1280x720-1920x1080.

HD photos details:

  • recent: 3000x4500
  • archives: 1200x1800
  • sizes may vary a little.

free istripper credits

More things about iStripper content - what is free and what is paid? Check why you need the adder to get extra credits

The idea of desktop strippers is nothing new. The market has improved recently. You can see it using iStripper. First we have to describe that the content of the site is divided into free and paid. Free is gratis and non-nude, the paid one is available with credits:

  • GRATIS OPTION - if you use the gratis mode of iStripper you can see only girls in costumes like nurses or stewatdesses. If you download the software, there is one great thing - girls fight for your attention. When you didn't interact with them, they get impatient and try to get your attention. You can put them on the screen (max 3 at the same time, remember), watch or enlarge to see them better
  • THE OPTION AVAILABLE WITH COINS - if you have credits, you can see naked girls. The average price of the girl is around $25 each. When the girl is unlocked, you own her.

25 credits cost about $5. It isn’t too much but if you like the system of iStripper, you will probably spend more and more dollars because you can choose among lots of hot chicks there. And in this situation there is the place for us. You can use the special generator, compatible with ANdroid, iOS, Windows, Linux and MacOS. The iStripper hack free mode may work for all devices that may be connected with the Internet. Doesn’t matter if you use PC computer or iPhone mobile phone.


The iStripper website itself - 2019 review. Details, hacks, credits, iStrippers and many more

Welcome to iStripper. What are main features of the site:

  • it’s available for PC and Mac computers
  • you ca use it with mobile devices
  • shows are available in 4k HD, you can watch shows from 720p to 4K
  • the site is secured and safe to use.

iStripper displays the shows directly on the desktop, no background. World-known porn stars have been filmed in France and the USA. Over 3000 shows made by over 600 models and the collection is updated daily. What kinds of shows are available to watch?

  • naked pole dancing - full nudity erotic shows and stripteases
  • lesbian shows - only girls-on-girls performances
  • real orgasms - of iStripper girls
  • screenwash girls - they clean your screen in sexy way
  • sexy swing - from candid erotism to kinky play
  • stripclub’s ambience - screensavers from famous gentelmen’s clubs.
iStripper is available on PC and MAC but compatible also with mobile devices
License Free Software
Version 1.2.226
File size 32 Mb
Last update April 11, 2018
Compatible Windows (from XP SP3 to 10)
MAC OS X (10.7 and later)
No adware, no spyware, no virus
Easy to uninstall from:
Start > Programs > iStripper> Uninstall

iStripper Models - who is available to watch in the gratis and paid modes?

Models available on iStripper may be searched with some special features:

  • SORT BY:
    • release date
    • name
    • shows count
    • rate age
    • hair color:
      • blond
      • brunette
      • fair
      • redhair
    • age:
      • 18-19
      • 20-24
      • 25-29
      • 30+
    • ethic:
      • Asian
      • Caucasian
      • Latina
      • Black
    • rate:
      • 4.5-5
      • 4-4.5
      • 3-4
      • 1-3
    • misc.:
      • with duos
      • pornstar.

Each Model is available to see with details after clicking in her profile. You can find pieces of information like:

    • city
    • country
    • age
    • height
    • weight
    • vital stats
    • title
    • rating
    • released date
    • shows
    • bonus photos
    • bonus videos
    • duration
    • level
    • filesize

You can choose among more than 600 Models that means everybody gets something great for them. Soon you’ll also get more details about iStripper hack cheat tool to get the completely free option to get gratis coins.


What are users opinions about iStripper? 2019 review of the website according to the user who has checked gratis and paid option of the website

iStripper represents the next level of stripper entertainment. UHD 4K resolution offers incredible realism and and girls act like real women who want to attract your attention. You can dial up the action from non-nude to naked shows with wide range of masturbation, toys, and girl on girl including full vaginal and anal penetration.

Full performances value is 25 coins each and when you download the show, it's yours forever. You can buy enough credits to get only 1 full show or buy the bigger package up to 500 tokens once (for $50). The good solution for you is also the special currency adder in 2019 mode. iStripper hack online tool is the system to generate the currency without paying for coins. It’s compatible with all devices that may work online and be connected with the Internet.

You can use your registered account the way you like because managing it is easy and intuitive. Next to the user profile are quick access buttons for settings. The button of the computer monitor is the full shows menu that switches on the full-screen option. The musical notes button brings up your music playlist. Any MP3 may be imported into the playlist of music. And there is also the place for the cog button with system details like:

  • display settings like:
    • the size of animations
    • maximum number of girls on screen
    • show duration
    • time between shows
  • background music & sound
  • levels of eroticism
  • context menu options
  • download resolution.

With 'i' you can see overall details of the game and access to the user manual and various options of support. 'Downloads' is to remove downloaded content. The ON/OFF button allows you to stop the show easily anytime you need. There are also MAX/MIN/CLOSE options and the quick access to the playlist and history. You can customize it to watch and repeat performances or search the show you like the most quickly.

Almost everything is great in the system. The more, you can now access everything in the gratis mode with the special cheat method. This generator with 2019 updates may be used by all users. Using the adder to create coins doesn’t affect on your settings. Everything may be operated the same way even in the situation that your coins were made with iStripper credits hack.

istripper credits hack

Conclusions about iStripper in 2019 in the connection with users review

iStripper has lots of advantages and only one minus connected with the fact that the best content is available only with coins. The rest of things are great and make the site the perfect way to have good entertainment.

iStripper advantages appreciated by users
ease of use and convenience
customizable features
huge selection of beautiful porn stars
high-quality videos
frequent updates
community features

You can turn your device into your personal strip club within just a moment. You can have all-time dancing girls on your screen. They can be hidden or available in the full screen and mini version. You can have your own club with streeptease, pole dance or sexy lesbians, the decision is your any nothing can stop you because on the site you can choose among more than 600 performers.

The disadvantage of the site is connected with the currency. You must spend money to get naked girls on your screen.

The amount of tokens The price per package
25 coins $4.99
75 coins $11.99
250 coins $29.99
500 coins $49.99

Almost everything is customizable on the site that may make iStripper your regular friend. The next good buddy for you may be the cheat tool that may allows you get iStripper credits without paying for them. So now the next thing you should do is registering the iStripper account if you haven’t had it yet.


iStripper VR option - 2019 tutorial of having shows available on your VR headset

You can have girls not only on your screen but also with your VR set. What do you need to complete it?

  • computer
  • VR headset
  • iStripper installed
  • remote desktop app installed on your headset device
  • Virtual Desktop Streamer app
  • VR Remote Desktop Free if on an Android device / smartphone headset
  • the Internet connection
  • a while to complete the process.

This way, iStripper is available also on mobile devices. If you’re interested in iStripper Android hack for smartphones, iStripper hack mobile iOS mode for iPhone phones, VR option is the iStripper mod apk for you.

OK. You have iStripper installed and the licence accepted. What to do next? Know the iStripper hack 2019 for VR sets:

    • you have to connect your mobile phone with the computer with the speciall app for it
    • connecting the headset and the computer needs only writing down the password you can see
    • everything should be done, connected and ready to go
  • PC COMPUTERS (Linux, Windows and Mac ones):
    • you can manage VR computer modes with your keyboard - up arrow changes to next scene, right arrow to next performer
    • you use you VR set controllers to see additional options
    • it's the solution for all iStripper users who want to get VR mode now. You can use it on computers and mobile devices. All additional options should be available soon on the official website and then you should have the access to even simpler way of managing VR option.

istripper currency hack

Credits on iStripper - all details about the currency before you use the adder

It’s impossible to have naked girls on iStripper without using credits, the official currency on the site. Let’s know more about these coins and iStripper hacks that can allow you to use the software in the full and gratis mode.

You can buy credits for iStripper or get them for free in 2019

The credit is the official coin on iStripper. It’s available to get in 2 different ways - one is free, the second needs dollars to buy the package with tokens.

Of course, the official way of getting and managing iStripper cash is buying coins on the site to get the access to unlimited downloading and naked Models. So the feature that iStripper is free isn’t the exact truth. If you don’t want to spend your private money on iStripper but still have the access to the content, you can use the iStripper hack without survey. Free iStripper credits are available for everybody who can connect their device with the Internet because the generator works online.

The adder itself - the hack for iStripper that works on mobile and PC devices after special 2019 updates

The generator for iStripper in 2019 mode is the online tool that was designed to give everybody the option to generate gratis credits for iStripper. With the mechanism each user can get the unlimited access to the site without paying for anything.

The system is available 24/7 on all devices that may be connected with the Internet. If you have registered account, you can get iStripper full accession when you want.


Android, iOS and Windows/Mac computers modes for iStripper in 2019

Now you can use iStripper hack ANdroid system, or the mode of iStripper hack iOS for smartphones. PC computers may be managed for the mod that is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. But you can also use Linux, for example.

2019 generator can divide its script into 2 main modes:

  • PC one
  • mobile devices one.

Each of them has also its own parts:

  • PC MODE:
    • Windows
    • MacOS
    • Linux
    • other computers
    • iOS (iPhone)
    • Android
    • other operating systems of mobile devices.

Thanks to above, the iStripper free cash is available for each user who wants to use the adder to get extra coins.

2019 updates of the generator that hacks the system of iStripper

Now this cheat method may work from any place around the World. The generator has now more servers in different places, located around the World. It causes that the efficiency of the generator is the same for all places.

iStripper pirater system is now the best tool you can use if you’re the fan of iStripper. Called also the iStripper trucchi or iStripper trucos, the adder allows you to unlock all characters of the site with generated iStripper free credits.

istripper currency hack

Also the mod for 2019 is responsible for options for smartphones. Now having iPhone with iOS and device with Android isn’t any problem for users. It’s the innovative solution that causes that your access to the site may be wider and it’s the cause that you can also use the VR mode of the software.

Some last words about iStripper 2019 community and the generator for credits

The iStripper community is the big family of a couple of millions users. The site is the most popular in countries like:

  • Japan
  • United States
  • Germany
  • India
  • Russia.

The big part of them use the generator to get coins. Most of users do it regularly because now you can use the adder more than once from one location or device. iStripper hack password system gives you the possibility to full access the site and it’s unlimited. There is only one thing you have to remember about. The generator has anti-bot protection so you can’t use any machine to get coins. This prevents misuses. Everybody has the exal chance to get the currency and it should stay free for all users. Nobody can use the cheat tool to generate as much currency as the bot can to sell it to other users.

You can use the hack without any limits if you’re the only user of generated coins. This way you can have the access to all shows you want to download. Remember that almost every day you can see the new show on the site. It means that there is never the end of the pleasure for you.

istripper 2019

You can start using the hack when you want and become the part of the iStripper big family

iStripper is the place where everybody can find the right Model to see. And with unlimited currency to spend on shows it’s the perfect mix for all users who want to have beautiful girls on the screen all the time. Remember that you can use the iStripper hack no password option anytime you want. If you can connect with the Internet and you need coins, the solution was created for you. Designed by the group of Programmers who love their work, the generator is balanced perfectly to be both easy to use and efficient.

iStripper hack 2019 may be your great friend. The system works all the time and it’s available online from any place. You don’t have to worry about anything - with this generator you will save lots of money. No more spending dollars on buying packages with iStripper credits. Now everything may be free for you.

Nobody can force you to use the system but you should check the method because the whole process of generating gratis tokens takes about 5 minutes with this special hack. Generated coins are available to use right after you get them. Thanks to this, you can download the show within just several minutes and don’t pay for anything. Using the generator you have the choice - you can choose among different options of coins to get. It causes that you can use the hack every time you want to download the new show or generate the bigger amount to use the adder more rarely. Use the hack and the site the way you love - iStripper is the best solution for everybody in 2019.


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3-4 stars
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