Nutaku - special adult gaming platform. 2019 overview and gratis modes for games (hack generating adder option for all users)

Basic details of Nutaku
Industry Adult
Founded January 2015
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Products PC Games
Online games
Free-to-play games
Downloadable games
Mobile games
Owner MindGeek

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The owner of Nutaku website is MindGeek, the company that owns, for example, RedTube, PornHub or Brazzers. The company operates from Canada but is has many offices around the World.

It’s the time to introduce you the next thing made by this company - Nutaku. In the below article you’ll find the most important things connected with this topic, for example: app, currency, hack generator in 2019 mode, how to get accounts and gold without paying and some useful advices for users - and everything completely for free! We encourage you to check the article and check the special adder that was made to allow you to use the site in the unlimited way.


Basic details of Nutaku - something more about the project and the company itself before you get the access to the generator and get unlimited gratis currency

Nutaku is the platform with adult games. Most of them are hentai ones. The company is the part of MindGeek, the huge porn company located in Canada. Nutaku offers various sorts of games with mature content. The platform focuses on browser games, downloadable and mobile games both free with microtransactions and purchasable. You can use any device to play - from Nutaku app on mobile phones to computer versions. You can choose among games:

  • action-adventure
  • massively multiplayer online game
  • real-time strategy
  • tower defense
  • dating sim
  • clicker
  • collectible card game
  • puzzle
  • turn-based strategy (TBS)
  • strategy
  • visual novels
  • kinetic novels
  • virtual reality (VR).

Nutaku is currently the only distributor of DMM games outside Japan. The company started its operating in 2015, at Anime Expo 2017 in July, Nutaku held a panel in which an employee, expressed the platform as being "the steamy Steam". By this time, the platform had reached 9 million users. At present, it's more than 100 million users monthly. What's important, erotoc games of Nutaku are friendly to all users - you can find porn adult straight and homosexual options.

Some games on Nutaku are free, but for some you need the currency. You pay for gold with your real money (in dollars) but you have to know that Nutaku gold is also available to get with special hack. The hack Nutaku system is the method that works for all users who can connect with the Internet. Soon you’ll find out more how to get free Nutaku gold and enjoying games without paying.

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The Nutaku adult console - 2019 solutions for real game fans

Initially, the company offered games only through a web browser. In 2018 Nutaku provided a program that you can do on your computer to have quick access to spicy games. In 2019 you can play on your PC computer, have mobile app for iOS or Android or use the Nutaku console in special shape.

The device made by Nutaku is called just 'The Console' and has a whole library of games installed on the disk: both free and paid ones. And it has the shape of a female breast. The console works just like the popular devices from Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft: it is connected to the TV via the HDMI port, fires and plays. The difference is that it offers a bit different games and the console is made of silicon to give users the impression that they touch the real tit.

Having the console is great but it costs about $170. Using the Nutaku mobile app is theoretically cheaper, what’s more - it may be completely free if you know the right way to get the currency called gold. And soon it’ll be the time to find out more about the way of getting accounts and currency with the special working adder, without paying.


Using Nutaku - the overview of games, modes, gold options and all things connected with using the website or app

You can visit: but more content is available on First we’ll check the review of the regular user - you’ll get details about Nutaku accounts and mobile and PC modes.

2019 review of Nutaku - what users think about this option for adult entertainment? Coins, games and modes

Nutaku user’s review - 5/5 stars
Advantages Disadvantages
great site design and layout
awesome games
lack of bugs/glitches/game lag
browser-friendly gaming
mobile-friendly gaming
no ads!
paid options - you have to buy gold or pay for some games

It's hard to find a porn game that has a good enough balance between the gaming and porn elements - games always seem to lean too heavily on the game side, leaving the porn parts a little relatively underwhelming. But Nutaku knows how to do it right - both PC mode and Nutaku Android games are designed perfectly. What’s more, fortunately on the market there are some Nutaku hacks that allow users to enjoy everything in the 100% online and gratis mode.

You can get enough Nutaku currency to play all mobile and PC games with Nutaku unlimited coins. You just need to use the right coin adder in the special 2019 mode.

Thumbnails are separated into:

  • Top Ranking Free Nutaku Hentai Games
  • Top Ranking Mobile Porn Games
  • Top Ranking Downloadable Porn Games
  • Nutaku Exclusive Porn Games
  • Free Online Hentai Games
  • Newest Porn Games
  • Nutaku’s Staff Picks
  • Upcoming Games.

The site has done a great job of organizing its massive amount of content for you to easily browse and find just what you’re looking for. Click browsing and see a page that makes searching through their massive game collection even easier. Filter results by:

  • genre
  • tag
  • developer
  • publisher
  • language.

Choose among:

  • browser modes
  • mobile and downloadable games
  • rank
  • recency
  • price (if applicable)
  • alphabetically.

The only disadvantage is the fact that the user needs money sometimes to pay for games or special options during they play. Fortunately, there’s the option for Nutaku gold hack tool that can provide you Nutaku free gold to spend.


Nutaku is the option for everybody - especially when you can use the generator and get the currency without paying. Gratis gold is available to create 24/7 - always in the online mode

Doesn’t matter who you are. Nutaku games are for all users and Nutaku cheats work for everybody. But before you’ll know Nutaku hacks available to use, let’s divide games into different users’ preferences.

Straight games on Nutaku - the hack method can work also for you in 2019

There are lots of straight adult games on the site. You can choose among:

  • Nutaku apk games:
    • Nutaku Android games
    • Nutaku iOS games for iPhone
  • Nutaku games to download
  • Nutaku games for PC computers (to use with browser)
  • Nutaku games according to preferences of users:
    • straight games
    • homosexual games:
      • gay games
      • lesbian games
      • transgender games.

As you can see, everybody may be satisfied using Nutaku. And everything may be used with Nutaku gold generator 2019. Is Fap Titans hacked? Of course. Is Pussy Saga ready to use for free? Yes, it is. Everything has been already hacked and you can use this special cheat option. How to get Nutaku gold without paying? Be patient, you’ll know the way of Nutaku gold cheat method soon.

LGBT Nutaku games - doesn’t matter if you’re gay, lesbian or transgender user, everybody can use the adder to enjoy games in the gratis mode

Nutaku has the LGBT option for:

  • gay
  • lesbian
  • transgender users.

Some of them are free, some needs paying - to buy them or get extra gold currency necessary to play. Happily, special 2019 made Nutaku gold generator works also for them. How to get Nutaku gold? The way of getting Nutaku free coins is extremely easy and everything takes just a while. What’s important, free Nutaku coins are ready to use right after completing the process of generating.

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What you have to pay on Nutaku for? The official coin currency called gold

Registration on Nutaku site is free. You don’t have to pay for the account but it doesn’t mean that you can use all games without spending your private money. You can pay for it or use free Nutaku gold coins made with Nutaku gold coin hack system. Hacked Nutaku games may be played like normal ones and you can enjoy them without interruptions.

Each user gets a bonus of 100 gold ($1) after registration but you can buy more to purchase games. There are more than 25 free sex browser games and more than 10 free porn games for mobile devices. Furthermore, you'll find more than 100 downloadable titles that cost $5 on average but can go up to $45.

You can spend your private money or use special Nutaku hack method to get everything without paying. Does Nutaku gold hack work? Yes, it does. The only condition you have to fill to use the Nutaku unlimited coins apk in 2019 mode is having the working connection with the Internet. If you can connect your device with the network, all Nutaku games will become free Nutaku games for you.


Nutaku real overview - necessary details for users who want to know more about the site and the hack gratis options

Something more about Nutaku account, coins, game hack generator and the real way to hack Nutaku games. But before you know better the free gold generator, something more about Nutaku games.

We’ll start with online browser games. There are about 25 titles to play in-browser and all are free to play. The cover a range of genres including dating sims, RPG, simulation, puzzle and action adventure. What is common across all games is that they all have an erotic twist. Whether it’s scantily clad characters, sexual acts or adult story lines, they are a decent collection of free porn games. You can find there for examples games like:

  • Dating sim, Booty Calls
  • RPG Kahime Project R
  • Strategy game, Crystal Maidens
  • Clicker game, Attack on Moe H
  • Adventure game, Harem Heroes
  • Dating sim, Crush Crush Moist & Uncensored.

The next group is called ‘downloadable’ games. There are over 100 porn games to download, all priced according to their popularity, game complexity and release date. They range in genre from Beat ‘Em Ups to Action Adventure, Dating Sims to Visual Novels, Side Scrollers to RPGs. Most are hentai but have sub-categories of fantasy, magical, romance, sci-fi, horror and military. You can find there, for example:

  • Sakura Dungeon
  • Shards of Eradine
  • Desecration of Wings
  • Galaxy Girls
  • Analistica Academy
  • Yozora Rhapsody
  • Karmasutra.

Nutaku hack free

There are also Nutaku mobile game modes for iOS and Android. If you prefer using your smartphone, you can play, for example:

  • Kamihime Project R
  • Fake Lay
  • Pussy Saga
  • Armor Blitz
  • Girls on Tanks.

If you need the currency for any game you want to play, you can pay for it or use the special 2019 adder to get coins in the gratis mode, without paying. So - how to hack Nutaku? It’s enough to use Nutaku gold hack 2019, the tool that is compatible with PC computers and mobile phones. This Nutaku hack cheat tool is the perfect solution for you - it’s easy and intuitive to use and you can generate the currency with this system regularly.


Nutaku technical requirements - remember that the generator cooperates with all devices that may be connected with the Internet

There are some technical requirements if you want to use Nutaku games. Below you can check the list. Remember that Nutaku hack can work with all mobile and PC devices that may be connected with the Internet. So you can use the same device for playing and generating coins.

iOS and Android smartphones available on the market may be used for playing and downloading without any problems. There are special requirements rather for PC computers. Check them:

    • OS: Windows XP+
    • Processor: Pentium III 500mhz +
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • OS: MacOS
    • Processor: Any 64 bit processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1366 x 768
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: x86/x86_64
    • Processor: 1.2 GHz Pentium 4
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1366 x 768
    • Storage: 2 GB available space.

If you can fill technical requirements, it’s the time to start playing. There is special hack that works for Android, iOS and PC computers. It allows you to save money and enjoy all options without spending your money. The generator is available to use as Nutaku hack apk for mobile phones and computer version for PC devices. Nutaku hack iOS and Android has the same efficient during generating as the computer option. Everything thanks to the special server system located in different countries around the World.

free nutaku gold

What are official prices on Nutaku? Check the value of the currency and you’ll understand that the coin adder is the helpful tool

The official currency on the site is gold. You can but this special token in different packages paying with real money:

  • 1000 Gold – $5.00 (first purchase)
  • 1000 Gold – $10.00 (subsequent purchases)
  • 2000 Gold – $20.00
  • 3000 Gold – $30.00.

As you can see, one token of gold is worth $0.01. The value and the price is small at the first glance but if you use Nutaku games regularly, it may become a huge amount of tokens and the big amount of cash, of course. You also receive 100 free coins once you verify the email address used when you register an account. But these coins end quickly and then you can use the generator to get the currency in the unpaid option. Let us introduce you the cheat hack adder mode in 2019 updated option.


The generating adder machine for the currency - Nutaku 2019 cheat system that allows the user to hack all mobile and PC games

Nutaku hack no password mode is the special 2019 generating adder that can work will all Nutaku games. The Nutaku hack free generator is the tool that be the best friend of every user.

The system may be used for all kinds of Nutaku games that need the currency. You can use it with PC computers and mobile phones, including Android and iOS smartphones. Doesn’t matter if you have Samsung or iPhone, you can use the generator from all devices that may be connected with the Internet. With this 2019 cheat you can both unlock all characters and all resources necessary for Nutaku.

nutaku gold generator

The process of getting Nutaku hack coins takes about 5 minutes usually. After this time, you ca use generated resources and enjoy Nutaku games the way you like. Remember that the adder works with the same efficiency for all devices and different locations. Everything because it has servers in various countries around the World. That means that the gratis gold is accessible to get from any location. Thanks to this, each user can enjoy Nutaku adult games without limits.

Nutaku hack works only in the online mode. You can’t download the generator and use it without the Internet. You also don’t need any password to use it. Having the connection with the Internet, is the only condition you have to fill to use this cheat tool. 2019 update of the adder allows you to become the regular user of the method. You don’t have to change device or IP address each time you want to get gold. Doesn’t matter if you’re the fan of Nutaku Pocket Waifu or Pussy Saga, for example - the generator works for all users giving them the possibility to get the currency without money. Remember that hacked coins work like bought one that gives you the comfort of using these tokens for all activities that need paying.

Some last advices for Nutaku users who want to get coins with this special generator with 2019 updates

Nutaku community is the huge family of online members who love porn and hentai games. If you’re the regular user of Nutaku, you have to know all modes of the site. Only you can know how much money you can save, using the generator to enjoy all Nutaku options you like.

This hack method was created for users. Everybody should have the chance to enjoy it for free with unlimited gold. If you aren’t interested in paying for the currency anymore, the solution is right for you. You can use it from any place and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can find straight, gay, lesbian and trans games there. It means that everybody can find something matching there. And using the generator, there are just a few points to complete:

  • choosing the game
  • using the generator
  • waiting to complete
  • enjoying Nutaku.

Nutaku hack

It sounds simple and it’s easy to do. The site offers high quality hentai and porn games at great prices with very few support issues. And it sounds even better when you know that in 2019 you can enjoy all of this without paying. The gratis mode of the generator is the thing that is appreciated of users around the World. Now not only Nutaku itself is the online family, also the community of this hack system is big. About 15% of all coins spent on Nutaku is created with our tool. It concerns each month. You can be the part of this group if you want. There aren’t any limits for users if you generate gold for your own purposes. The system has anti-bot protection and use machines to get coins is forbidden. You can’t generate gold for selling. If you use the currency only for your account, there are any restrictions for you as the user and don’t forget about this fact.

You can use the Nutaku gold hack password generator anytime and anywhere you want. Check what you can get with the generator and start using the system when you need. If you use Nutaku regularly, you will appreciate this mode. Checking the system takes only the while - conduct the process of generating the currency, find out that it works for real, enjoy Nutaku without limits and… repeat the process. The amount of gratis gold ready to generate there is almost unlimited so it may your regular way to get coins without paying. The rest of 2019 may be full of Nutaku erotic experiences if you want - you just need to use the adder.


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