Overall issues

KiwiPhile.org is the perfect place where you can find hundreds of interesting articles related to entertainment for adults.

There is no taboo in KiwiPhile.org. We write about what others do not write about. You will find here comparison of portals, studies and applications. We regularly public popularity reports.

In addition, we always have the best promotions for you organized with the participation of partner websites.

Our promotions are organized with the participation of leading websites. Each promotion is closely correlated with promotional websites.

In addition, sometimes we organize our own promotions if we have the right materials for it.

No! All services offered as part of the KiwiPhile.org promotion are free*.

*KiwiPhile.org is not responsible for the costs incurred as part of the promotional action.

As part of the promotion, KiwiPhile.org offers free access to leading portals, free tokens to use, VIP statuses and much, much more.

Technical issues

You do not need to register at KiwiPhile.org to be able to take part in promotions and special offers. They are generally available to anyone using KiwiPhile.org.

KiwiPhile.org does not require any data* from the promotion participants.

*KiwiPhile.org does not take any responsibility for the need to provide specific data on the promoter’s target page to be able to participate.

All you need to do is contact us and provide us with all the information: what promotion, message at the end of the target. We will give you prompt feedback.

There are several options why this happened. The most common reasons are:

  • End of the promotion
  • The promotion does not include your location
  • You have already used the promotion in question.

Remember that each promotion has its continuation, you can subscribe to the newsletter to be up to date.