Everything you should know about CAM4 - 2019 review about shows, tokens and the mode of the generator for the currency that works for real

CAM4 is the website with streamings of live adult performances. You can find there Broadcasters from different countries and different genders. In the article you’ll find the knowledge about all the most important things connected with the website like shows, Models, the currency, prices and value of tokens, modes of the site and - at the end of the article - about the special CAM4 cash adder that may be used by all users interested in getting gratis token coins.

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Basic details of CAM4
Type of site Webcam, streaming
Available in different languages
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional
Launched 2007
Status Active

Most of Broadcasters on CAM4 are amateur Performers who do it for money or for fun. So the important thing on the website is the token used for paying for shows and sending tips or gifs to Models. You can use the website from different devices (both as watcher and the Broadcaster), including watching shows with VR, PC Windows and Mac computers and smartphones with iOS and Android.

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CAM4 is popular and rewarded adult live website that got prizes in the past, like for example:

  • the XBIZ Award for Live Cam Site of the Year in 2015
  • an Adult Webcam Award for Best European Adult Webcam Website In 2016
  • additionally, a CAM4 co-founder was inducted into the Adult Webcam Awards Hall of Fame.

Below article will be the journey into the incredible world of CAM4 that is full of the best Performers who wait for CAM4 tokens to give you the show! You’ll know details of the site, get knowledge about CAM4 token itself, its price and value and the end of the article will be related to the matter connected with the CAM4 token currency hack, the system that was designed for users who want to enjoy gratis currency in 2019 and next years.


General 2019 overview of CAM4 - shows and prices available for users

CAM4 is the free to register chat based on tokens as the currency. All prices on the site are given in this coin. There are different sorts of performances, value of shows and goals to achieve by Models.

Types of CAM4 shows available to watch in 2019. Performances and prices

CAM4 shows are divided into public ones, private options and a fan club. All prices are given in CAM4 coins called tokens. Prices vary according to the type of the show.

Free (public) chats available in the gratis mode for all CAM4 visitors

This sort of the show is available for all users. The audience is wider than during the group show. The Broadcaster sets goals (it may mean the amount of tokens of tips, for example, the cost of the whole show for all users, etc).

The show starts when users fill goals written by the Performer. Of course, during the show, the Model may be tipped by watchers additionally. Generally, Broadcasters really appreciate sending tip. They value tipping users and more often interact with them. They work this way and then transfer CAM4 tokens to cash to earn money so it’s the cause that they do like watchers who spend tokens watching shows.

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Private CAM4 shows - price, possibilities and all other cost details

If you don’t want to take part in free/public show, you can initiate the private CAM4 show. Performances like this may have different cost but you can be sure that you need more tokens to have the possibility to enjoy this sort of the show fully. But you’ll find out more about CAM4 token cost soon. You’ll also get the chance to access free CAM4 tokens that work like normal ones but you don’t have to pay for them.

During the private show, the chat is available only for you and the Broadcaster. Some private shows may be also spied by other users if the Performer turns on this option to earn some additional cash from collected CAM4 coins. During somebody's private chat, you can stay in the room with other viewers waiting for finish of the private show, chat with other users or become the spy during the private performance. When the private show ends, the performer returns to the public room and starts from the place the show ended before.

The minimum value of tokens you need to start the private show is 48 coins. Why? Because shows have different prices per minute:

  • 12 tokens/minute
  • 18 tokens/minute
  • 24 tokens/minute
  • 30 tokens/minute.

You can pay the price per the package and buy coins to spend them during chats or use the CAM4 token hack to get the currency in the gratis mode. Then you don’t have to care about the value of shows per minute. With the CAM4 token currency generated with the adder, you’ll stop care about CAM4 tokens cost.


2019 mode of the CAM4 voyeur (spy) chat. Prices and options

Spy show is the part of the private one. If the Model wants to earn some additional cash, they often turn on the option of spying during their private shows. This way they can earn more the same time.

Spy chats may have 2 different prices per minute (it depends on Broadcaster’s will)
6 tokens per minute 12 tokens per minute

Spying members can neither see chat nor type in chat. They just watch the show and pay the price per minute.

Watching voyeur chats is cheaper but it’s still connected with spending CAM4 cash. You can buy packages of coins or don’t care about CAM4 token prices but use the generator that can create as many coins for you as you need to watch all shows you want.

Group shows on CAM4 - the value of the chat, price per minute and available modes

Group chats are shows when more users can watch the chat. The group show is offered by the Broadcaster by setting the cost of the ticket, limit of the time of the goal connected with CAM4 tokens. When the goal gets the limits, users are take to the private room with the exclusive content.

What are prices of the chat? It may be:

  • 10 tokens
  • 25 tokens
  • 50 tokens
  • 100 tokens.

If the show is cancelled, coins are refunded to watchers. The average time of this show is between 5 and 30 minutes. The value of paid tokens is also refunded in the situation if the show is shorter than set one.

Some shows, as you can see, may cost even 100 coins for each user. You can get the CAM4 free mode for the group chat if you use the CAM4 token hack that works. Remember that the adder works for users from all locations around the World so everybody has the same chance to enjoy the gratis currency without worrying of CAM4 token price.

CAM4 private room and its features in 2019

It's the option dedicated for CAM4 users with the Gold Membership.

They can then create the special room with restriction of the password. Only users with the password may enter the room then.

The fan club mode of CAM4 - advantages and prices

The fan club is the special and paid option with a subscription for users. Its cost is 25 coins monthly or about $5 if the user prefers credit card option. The mode is also available with the CAM4 token currency hack 2019.

What are advantages of this kind of the activity?

  • access to special Broadcaster galleries
  • priority in communication with the Model
  • the mode for unlimited messages available to send to the Performer
  • special badge on chat
  • unlimited spy show access to all of the Model's private shows.

CAM4 VR option - are you interested in this mode? Check 2019 features

Watching shows with the VR is available on CAM4 in 2019. What is the guide to turn it on?

  • check if the device you use is supported on CAM4
  • click on any VR streams (indicated by the "VR" tag)
  • check VR player to check options of interaction
  • click 'View in VR' to start watching.
Supported device Supported browser
HTC Vive Mozilla Firefox
Oculus Rift Mozilla Firefox
Oculus Go Oculus Browser
Samsung Gear VR Oculus Browser
Samsung Internet
Google Daydream Google Chrome for Android
Google Cardboard Google Chrome for Android

VR works only on above devices. Remember that some options like tipping Models aren’t available in VR watching. But generated tokens may be used also watching the show with VR. How to get free CAM4 tokens? You’ll know the option soon so stay patient. CAM4 token generator 2019 is easy and intuitive to use.


Presents the user can send to the Broadcaster on CAM4 - prices and the value of tipping

On CAM4 there are 2 options of extra presents the user can send to the Model. It’s the important thing - Performers really appreciate this sort of watchers activity. The value of sending tips is big - Models like getting presents and more willingly interact with users who do it.

CAM4 gifts - options, prices, features

Gifts are virtual presents send to Broadcaster to show them that you appreciate their shows. Models always interact closer with watchers who send gifts to them. Sent gift has also the value of tokens that is added to the balance after receiving the gift. This way, it's the additional way to earn money by Performers. Gifts may be chosen from special shop. Sending them make tipping more personal and intimate.

You can use also free tokens for CAM4 as the way to pay for gifts. Now you can not only enjoy CAM4 in the completely gratis mode but also spoil Broadcasters without limits!

CAM4 tips - prices, modes and value

Tips are important both for watchers and Broadcasters. What are the difference?

  • BROADCASTERS - for them tips are the additional way of earning money. They may be tipped by users any time
  • WATCHERS - tipping is the way of creating bigger interaction with the Model. Be sure that tipped Performer will remember you and you’ll be treated specially during shows.

The amount of the CAM4 tip depends on user’s preferences. But with the CAM4 token hack pro 2019 system you don’t have to be limited by anything anymore. With the gratis currency you can send both tips and gifts for free and without any limits.

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CAM4 membership with all necessary details important in 2019 for website’s users

On CAM4 there are 2 sorts of membership available - one is normal and one is premium. What are differences between them?

Normal CAM4 membership with all modes and available prices of tokens

The normal membership gives the access to:

  • purchase tokens
  • watch shows
  • buy group show tickets
  • spy
  • purchase private shows
  • buy the access to any content offered on the site
  • the option to upgrade the membership to become the Gold Member of CAM4 anytime.

Having the CAM4 account with tokens means that you can get the access to almost the whole content of the site. You can get tokens 2 ways - buying them or using the CAM4 currency adder.

Token packages available to buy on the site
Amount of tokens Discount Price of the package in dollars The price per token in dollars
1000 $40 159.99 0.16
500 $15 84.95 0.17
250 (the most popular package of tokens) $5 44.95 0.18
100 None 18.99 0.20
50 None 9.95 0.22

You can see packages and prices and now you can decide if you want to buy token CAM4 with your private money or get free CAM4 tokens and don’t care about CAM4 tokens price. If you want to have CAM4 gratis accessity, the CAM4 token cheat 2019 is the solution for you.


Gold CAM4 Membership and all options connected with this kind of the account

If you’re interested in the Gold of the CAM4, you can get it in the normal way - in the subscription, for tokens or for free with the CAM4 token generator.

Gold Membership on CAM4 for tokens or the subscription - 2019 review

You can buy the Gold just for money, using the subscription. Then you also get 100 free CAM4 coins to spend. In this mode there are 2 options of price:

  • $0.00 for 3 days followed by $19.95 per month recurring billing
  • $19.95 now for 1 month followed by $19.95 per month recurring billing.

You can also buy it with tokens if you have 125 credits on your balance. But it requires also having minimum 125 coins on your balance each month to pay the subscription in the official CAM4 currency.

Gratis Gold Membership for CAM4 available with the generator for tokens

Special 2019 upgrade of the CAM4 adder has also the additional advantage. If you use the generator to get the bigger amount of CAM4 free token package, your account is upgraded into the gold one without paying for it.

When you get the Gold Membership for the first time, it’s furter renewed with 125 credits monthly. But with the CAM4 free tokens hack 2019 you can have enough money on your account all the time and enjoy the subscription forever.

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Features of the Gold Membership - the best mode of the account for all CAM4 users

Being the Gold Member of the CAM4, you use the premium option of the site. It’s connected with some special advantages like:

  • sending private messages to Broadcasters
  • the fanfare sound when you enter room of the Model
  • full screen video mode
  • the possibility to watch multiple cams
  • picture-in-picture feature
  • special emojis
  • the option for hiding the nick on chat
  • the option for anonymous tips
  • CAM4 mail access
  • live chat with the Support of CAM4
  • sending exclusive virtual gifts (often for free)
  • the Daily Gold Show access
  • the Friends&Favorites tab access
  • saved searches access
  • the access to the newest CAM4 options
  • voting on new features
  • broadcasting in private cam mode
  • no ads
  • no chat limits
  • seeing your nick as the gold one on the channel of the chat
  • live chat with porn stars
  • and many more.

It’s worth to have the Gold Membership, especially when you can get it without paying. Forget about the CAM4 token currency cost and use free CAM4 from now.


Visiting CAM4 - 2019 review of the site

Before you know the working way how to get free tokens on CAM4, we’ll visit the site and make the short 2019 review. Remember that the website works online, you don’t have to download CAM4 software or something but the site is also available to use on mobile devices like Android and iOS smartphones, for example.

Visiting the CAM4 homepage, you enter to the world of the best live entertainment for adult users. At the top of the site you can see and explore important modes like:

  • trending tags
  • fan clubs
  • shop
  • tokens
  • Gold CAM4
  • quick filters:
    • the language you use on the site
    • the country with the location of your device
    • new performers
    • shop
    • HD
  • trending tags (first 10 ones are available to see at the first glance, to check more, you have to click and explore all tags available on the site):
    • livetouch
    • rollthedice
    • cum
    • squirt
    • anal
    • lush
    • ass
    • fuck
    • blowjob
    • boobs.

What Broadcasters you can see? Cam filters available to use:

    • male
    • female
    • transgender
    • straight
    • gay
    • bisexual
    • bicurious
    • slim/petite
    • athletic
    • average
    • more than average
    • big
    • black
    • blonde
    • brown
    • red
    • grey
    • white
    • bald
    • Arab
    • Asian
    • Black
    • Indian
    • Mixed
    • White
    • Hispanic
    • Native American
    • type countries
    • type languages:
      • Arabic
      • Basque
      • Bulgarian
      • Catalan
      • Chinese
      • Croatian
      • Czech
      • Danish
      • Dutch
      • English
      • Estonian
      • Finnish
      • French
      • German
      • Greek
      • Hebrew
      • Hindi
      • Hungarian
      • Indonesian
      • Italian
      • Japanese
      • Kannada
      • Korean
      • Lithuanian
      • Macedonian
      • Malay
      • Norwegian
      • Polish
      • Portuguese
      • Romanian
      • Russian
      • Serbian
      • Slovak
      • Slovene
      • Spanish
      • Swedish
      • Tagalog
      • Tamil
      • Telugu
      • Thai
      • Turkish
      • Ukrainian
      • Urdu
      • Vietnamese.

cam4 tokens free

CAM4 details for users who want to become Broadcasters and earn tokens giving shows

You can be the watcher of performances but you also can become the Broadcaster on CAM4 and earn this way. To earn CAM4 tokens and then transfer them into the real money, you have to register as the Performer on the site. What details you can check before you start?

  • details connected with earning on CAM4
  • broadcasting from mobile devices - now you can use broadcasting CAM4 phone app and give shows from different locations each time you start the show
  • the training for Broadcasters
  • FAQ for Models
  • details connected with opening the studio.

How much are tokens in CAM4 for Broadcasters? Being the Model, you can earn on shows and getting tips and gifts. How much are CAM4 tokens for Performers?

Converting tokens into cash
100 tokens = $10

As the Broadcaster, the CAM4 coin value is different. The Cam4 token exchange shows that you get $10 for 100 tokens earned. The CAM4 cost of tokens veries for Models and watchers but it depends on site’s rules and nobody can affect it.

CAM4 support, news and legal - stay tuned with the site if you’re interested with details of prices, tokens and Performers

All necessary details connected with CAM4 are available on the site. You should check them from time to time to stay tuned.

Options to get free CAM4 accessity and the CAM4 tokens hack generator 2019 are compatible with the website so get CAM4 tokens and enjoy all options available on the site.


Search for best shows using the mode of CAM4 popularity. 2019 the most popular countries and languages

CAM4 is popular in different countries. You can use this popularity and look for shows according to:

    • USA cams
    • Germany cams
    • Brazil cams
    • Italy cams
    • Spain cams
    • UK cams
    • France cams
    • English
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • Italian
    • French.

Free tokens on CAM4 made with the CAM4 token generator free system are available in all above countries. How to hack CAM4 with this special CAM4 token cheat in 2019 option? You’ll know it soon. The system is always free and available for all interested users who can connect their devices with the Internet.

What are tokens? Is it possible to hack them with the special CAM4 system?

The token is the official coin used on CAM4. With this currency you can pay for all paid activities available on the site. You can buy them in special packages or use the CAM4 token free system to hack the currency.

Tokens generated with CAM4 tokens hack work like bought ones and may be used to pay for everything on the site.

cam4 token hack

Buying tokens for CAM4

The first and traditional way of getting the currency on CAM4 is buying the package with coins. You can choose the package between $10 and $160.

You can buy tokens in packages like:

  • 50 tokens for $9.95
  • 100 tokens for $18.99
  • 250 tokens for $44.95
  • 500 tokens for $84.95
  • 1000 tokens for $159.99.

But if you can still get tokens but save your private money, there’s the solution for you. The CAM4 hack token generator provides CAM4 free tokens in 2019 because the website may be hacked easily.

The online and full gratis mode for the currency used on CAM4

On the market there is the solution for all interested users - the CAM4 tokens hack without download anything. The tool works 100% online and may be used by all interested users around the World.

How to get free tokens for CAM4? The free CAM4 token tool with 2019 updates is the real and working solution for all users interested in free tokens. The process of getting the currency with this CAM4 coin hack is intuitive, easy to conduct and takes just about 5 minutes. The most important thing connected with this CAM4 token adder is also the fact that the CAM4 hack is compatible with all devices that may be connected with the Internet - smartphones with iOS and Android and PC computers with Windows, MacOS and other devices that may work online.


CAM4 may be hacked with the special generator with 2019 updates

CAM4 token generator 2019 is mobile and PC friendly. Doesn’t matter, if you use iOS, Android, Mac or Windows PC computer or tablet, for example. Now all devices may be served by the special 2019 CAM4 token generator real tool. The CAM4 hacking mod is the best way for CAM4 tokens for free.

The token for CAM4, generated with this hacking system, is the real and working official coin that may be bought on the site. This CAM4 free token hack is based on special solutions compatible with the website. Thanks to this, the free CAM4 token generator 2019 is used Worldwide and regular by many users who get about 20% of all tokens spend on the website each month. The CAM4 currency generator is available to use all the time. It works 24/7 because the generator is automatic and don’t have to be managed by anybody. You don’t need to download any CAM4 token generator app - the adder works for all users the same way so it hasn’t any special CAM4 token generator apk.

Last details you have to know about the CAM4 currency hack in 2019

How to get free tokens on CAM4 hack? The free CAM4 token currency is available for users in few simple steps. You can hack CAM4 anytime you want. You start with selecting the amount of coins you are interested in. After determining the amount, the generator starts working. The free CAM4 token generator looks for and prepares the right amount of tokens to send them into your account.

The confirmation in CAM4 generator is automatic. You don’t need to do anything special. But our CAM4 token generator online has also an anti-bot system. It prevents situations when users can use the token hack for CAM4 to generate as many coins to sell them to other CAM4 fans. The CAM4 token generator mobile and PC modes may be used only for private properties. Nobody can use this CAM4 token hack 2019 to earn money.

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Remember that the CAM4 free tokens hack was updated for 2019 and may be used without any app (apk) on both PC and mobile devices. You can generate the gratis currency having:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • and any other operating system and the device that may be connected with the Internet.

2019 generator for the official coin called the token is the tool matching all users around the World. Don’t care about your location but get free tokens. Now it’s available within less than 5 minutes for PC computers and smartphones with iOS and Android.


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