All most important pieces of information about MyFreeCams - everything what is important in 2019 tokens, mobile and PC modes, Models and available shows

MyFreeCams was launched in 2002 with the official currency called MyFreeCams tokens. It's quite old website with huge tradition of awards and the possibility to earn lots of MyFreeCams coins to transfer MyFreeCams tokens to cash. The website has several hundred thousand Broadcasters and millions watchers. Popular Models and porn stars may earn even about $100k per month.

MyFreeCams Basic details
Type of site webcam, live adult streaming
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional
Launched March 19, 2002
Current status Active

free myfreecams

MyFreeCams has different sorts of Models but most of them are amateur ones. MyFreeCams token is bought in the special packages by viewers and they pay with this currency for shows. Unfortunately, the virtual MFC money is expensive. But fortunately, on the market there is now special MyFreeCams token hack pro 2019 that allows users to get free MyFreeCams tokens without paying for them.

XBIZ Award for Live Cam Site of the Year 2011
One of the top 50 Industry Newsmakers by XBIZ 2011
AVN award for Best Live Chat Website 2014

In the article you’ll get all the most important details connected with the site like, for example, MyFreeCams website itself, MyFreeCams token cost or MyFreeCams token hack that works for all users.


General overview of MyFreeCams before you get the 2019 review of the site

The most important information for you is the fact that you can get free MyFreeCams tokens created with the MyFreeCams token hack that may work in 2019 updated mode. With the generator, you don’t have to care about MyFreeCams token price anymore because generated coins may be used to pay for everything.

So what shows you can see with created MyFreeCams token currency?

Types of shows available on MyFreeCams with tokens

On MyFreeCams there are some different types of performances available to watch. For most of them there is the price per minute the user has to pay. Happily, now MyFreeCams token hack works for all users that can connect their devices with the Internet so the question ‘How much are MyFreeCams tokens?’ may be forgotten because the MyFreeCams tokens cost is now zero for everybody who uses the MyFreeCams token cheat 2019.

Free chat available to watch on MyFreeCams

The chat is theoretically free but the Model has to get the chosen amount of coins to start broadcasting.

Viewers may also tip the Performer additionally and this way the Model may earn even the big amount of tokens per one show.

MyFreeCams private chat - and now you have to use tokens to watch anything

And now it’s the time when the MyFreeCams token currency hack may become your best friend because the private chat’s cost is 1 token per second or 60 tokens per minute that gives 300 coins for 5 minutes! Your private chats are recorded so you can visit your Archives to see it again anytime you want without any additional fees.

Nice option with this private chat, but MyFreeCams token prices cause that may users spend big amounts on the website. You should feel special and lucky if you can use the adder called the best MyFreeCams token generator 2019 for everybody.

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True private show available on MyFreeCams for tokens

OK, it’s the next great option of the chat but it may be even more expensive and the value of it may be 60 - 80 tokens per minute. This kind of the show can’t be spied by other users so the price is higher.

With the MyFreeCams token currency hack 2019 you can get enough coins to use this type of the show and feel the full privacy and intimacy between you and the Broadcaster.

The cheaper option - the spy/voyeur MyFreeCams show with the lower price

Remember that true private show hasn’t the option to spy the show. But private chats may be spied by other users and its cost is 20 tokens per minute.

It’s one of cheapest shows available on MyFreeCams but if you’re the viewer during this kind of the performance, you can’t have any influence on anything, you can only watch.

Group chat - the cheapest option on MyFreeCams for only 10 coins per minute

The group mode is like the private option but any other members can join the show anytime. There are 3 viewers necessary to start this kind of the performance. Because the price is low (10 coins per minute), users should additionally tip the Performer to allow them to earn more.

There aren’t any value required to tip. But having the option for MyFreeCams free token packages is good for you because then you can tip Broadcaster without limits and allow them to earn MyFreeCams tokens in higher amounts.


Broadcaster earnings on MyFreeCams - is it easy to earn 100k per month giving shows?

Broadcasters receive $0.05 for every token earned. It's the high value, comparing it with other streaming sites. It's 50% of more of the price of coins for user (the user's MyFreeCams token currency cost is $0.079-$0.10 per one token).

Some of the most popular Models can earn even $100k per month and yo can be one of users who can help them to reach this level. Everything thanks to the MyFreeCams token generator. All generated coins work like paid ones so Performers can transfer earned tokens into the real cash in the normal way.

Prices for users - check that using the adder for the currency is the great option comparing it to the cost of tokens

What are prices of tokens when you want to get coins the traditional way?

MyFreeCams tokens
Amount Price per package (in dollars)
200 tokens 19.99
550 tokens 49.99
900 tokens 74.99
3775 tokens 299.99
7575 tokens 599.99

If you want to use the site traditional way, you should start with even smaller packages of tokens - the user should buy tokens for $20 dollars and then they can wait for unblocking bigger packages or buy special smaller options like:

  • $1.49 for 10 tokens
  • $9.99 for 95 tokens.

You can buy the currency the traditional way and care about all limits you have to face at the beginning of using the site. There is also the another option for MyFreeCams account with tokens. Free MyFreeCams coins may be generated with the MyFreeCams hack token generator. Coins created with this tool may be used without limits - you can generate the amount you want and then spend it the way you like.

myfreecams token generator

The account you can have on MyFreeCams - types of member accounts

On the website there are differents sorts of accounts available to have. Free tokens on MyFreeCams generated with the MyFreeCams currency adder may be used in all types of accounts. What sort of membership can you have?

Guest membership on MyFreeCams - the free mode with low access to the content

Guest account means that you aren’t registered or logged into your MyFreeCams account.

Most Models don’t allow unregistered users to see their chats. You should get the account and then you can have the access to shows. Registering on the site is free, you don’t pay for it.

Basic membership - the first step for MyFreeCams users who want to register account

You become basic member of the community, registering and confirming the account. Basic member is the user who hasn’t get any tokens yet.

The account without tokens is limited and the user can’t do almost anything. You can upgrade your account, getting the currency. You can buy them or save money and get MyFreeCams free tokens 2019 and then use the site in the MyFreeCams gratis mod.

MyFreeCams Premium account - with the generator is now available without spending money on tokens

Your account on MyFreeCams becomes the premium one if you have tokens in your balance.

The currency may be bought or created with our MyFreeCams free tokens hack. The generator may be used online without download and special software. It causes that it’s available for everybody who can be connected with the Internet.

Better than premium - platinum MyFreeCams mode of the account

The platinum premium MyFreeCams account is the highest level available for users when they are registered.

You become the platinum member spending certain amount of RP or of time and money on the site. Free tokens MyFreeCams option created with the hack you can use here, are also counted on your account to make your site’s activite closer to get the premium membership.


MyFreeCams tipping - the option to appreciate Broadcasters with tokens

Tip is the way to appreciate the Performer with additional tokens. Tipping is voluntary and only you can choose the amount of coins you want to send to the Model. Tipping is great because Models like users who send them tips but this activity also expensive. But there is the rescuing solution for you - the MyFreeCams token cheat system. Coins generated with the MyFreeCams token hack 2019 may be used for tipping without any problems.

Tipping modes everybody should know before they start sending tips:

    • you can send the tip in the private and visible mode - if you don’t choose displaying, your tip will be invisible on the chat to other members
    • you can send the tip anonymous, without your username
    • you can send the tip with the message
    • tip settings are remembered automatically and the next tip is sent the same way as the previous one
    • you can send multiple consecutive tips by clicking the 'Click here to Confirm & Tip Again' link at the bottom of the tip confirmation screen
    • you can tip straight from the chat room with the comments.

Remember that all above options are available with the currency created with the MyFreeCams free tokens hack 2019.

Reward Points of MyFreeCams - the special counting on the account to become the platinum user

For every 10 tokens you get, you will receive 1 Reward Point. It concerns also coins generated with the MyFreeCams tokens hack generator 2019. Using the MyFreeCams hack token tool, everything in your account works like normal.

Getting more Reward Points, your account is upgraded and you get more additional options. You can check the amount in your "My Account" privacy settings. Points never expire and can't be transferred into another account. If you use the MyFreeCams token adder often, points will be counted faster. So the generator is the gratis option to make your website using more pleasurable and valuable. If you need more MyFreeCams hacks, check the FAQ.

Rules and guidelines important on MyFreeCams for all users of the site

Now it’s the time to introduce you all rules and guidelines important for MyFreeCams users. They concerns Broadcasters, viewers and the community of the MyFreeCams tokens hack.

MyFreeCams rules for viewers who use tokens

There aren’t any special moderators on the site. Users and viewers can interact each other. Because of this, user should respect some rules.

Members can’t:

  • offend Broadcasters
  • do illegal things
  • record or distribute the content of the site
  • share their registered accounts with other persons
  • post pornographic content
  • use abusive or racist language
  • talk about sex with children
  • disturb the website or promote other websites or services or send spam messages
  • search for Models for commercials
  • force Broadcasters to meet personally for cash
  • harass members or Models
  • post private details of viewers and Performers
  • impersonate other members or models.
  • encourage anybody to break rules
  • claim to be the moderator or worker of the website.

If you share your webcams as the user, you can’t:

  • do anything illegal, obscene, objectionable, or controversial
  • all persons who aren't adult use the cam
  • engage in sexual activity in another person.

Rules for MyFreeCams Broadcasters who earn tokens on the website

There are also rules for Performers. They earn cash, broadcasting themselves so they must respect rules connected with the website.

What is forbidden when you are the Broadcaster?

  • men, children or babies visible on cam
  • unregistered Models in the front of the camera
  • animals on camera in a sexual or provocative context
  • 'going to the bathroom'
  • urination, defecation, enema play
  • vomiting
  • breastfeeding or lactation
  • menstrual bleeding
  • illegal drugs
  • excessive consumption of alcohol, medicines, or narcotics
  • sleeping or passing out
  • hypnosis
  • rape
  • incest, or sexual contact between family members
  • penetration of the vagina or anus with items not meant for sexual stimulation
  • fisting
  • violence, cutting, blood, torture, non-consensual pain, erotic asphyxiation or any activity connected with blood and injuring
  • escorting, prostitution, solicitation. Models may not offer to meet in person for money.
  • discussing sex with children
  • Illegal or unsafe activity
  • actions that may be deemed obscene.

Rules for all MyFreeCams users who want to use the generator for getting the gratis currency

Free tokens for MyFreeCams may be created within just a while with the MyFreeCams token generator free solution with 2019 updates. What is forbidden for cheat users?

  • generating free MyFreeCams token packages using the bot
  • selling coins created with the MyFreeCams currency generator
  • hacking the adder that is free for all users.

There are only some basic rules connected with users of the MyFreeCams currency hack. The free MyFreeCams token currency may be generated for all users who have working Internet connection. All devices (PC and mobile ones) may be used to get coins if you can connect them with the Internet.

free myfreecams tokens

General rules connected with using MyFreeCams - having the account or being the Broadcaster

Viewers and Broadcasters should be polite each other and they must respect all rules connected with their membership. Before you start using the site and get knowledge how to get free MyFreeCams tokens, you should remember that:

  • MyFreeCams is the place when everybody can express themselves
  • you can’t force anybody to do illegal and forbidden things
  • you can’t force anybody to meet in the real life and for money
  • all people have emotions.

Respect all rules connected with your membership and you’ll see that MyFreeCams is the perfect place for everybody.

How to use the site? MyFreeCams navigation - free guide

Now we can finally visit MyFreeCams. Remember that you must be above 18 to use the site. If you’re an adult person, you can buy coins with the real cash or use the MyFreeCams free token hack to get the currency in the completely online and gratis way.

How to use searching modes on MyFreeCams? Settings review

There are 2 main ways of searching on the site. You can use the right bar on the Homepage or navigate the site and look for Broadcasters with main filters.

The right bar (you can hide or customize it):

    • most popular rooms
    • trending rooms
    • Miss MyFreeCams
    • Model Explorer
    • tags
    • topics
    • news feed
    • Models you may like
    • tags&topics
    • trending rooms
    • recently visited
    • custom selections
    • Miss MyFreeCams.

And main searching box on MyFreeCams:

    • friends
    • bookmarks
    • custom selections
    • Models you may like
    • Models with notes
    • most popular rooms
    • new Models
    • trending rooms
    • recently visited
    • Miss MFC
    • groups
    • private
    • custom selection
    • Models you may like
    • most popular rooms
    • trending rooms
    • recently visited
    • top Miss MFC ranks
    • never
    • 3 days
    • 7 days
    • 14 days
    • 30 days
    • 60 days
    • 90 days
  • DISPLAY TYPE (on Homepage):
    • animations
    • still previews
    • overlay avatar
    • avatars
    • overlay preview
    • text list
    • small images
    • large images
    • CamScore
    • order logged in
    • number of people
    • newest on site
    • alphabetically
    • random
    • all Models
    • public chats
    • friends/bookmarked
    • highlighted rooms
    • dynamic scroll
    • multiple pages
    • 15 sec
    • 30 sec
    • 60 sec
    • 120 sec
    • 300 sec
    • 600 sec
    • Africa
    • Asia/Pacific Islands
    • Australia
    • Central/South America
    • Europe/Russia
    • North America
    • United Kingdom
    • Unknown Region
    • all regions may be:
      • shown on top
      • hidden
      • only shown.

free myfreecams generator

What is important on the Model’s list on MyFreeCams? Online statuses of Broadcasters

There are some special things connected with searching and checking the list of Models. What is important when you try to look for the right Broadcaster for you?

Broadcasters may have different colours:

  • pink - on your Friends List
  • green - Model You May Like
  • blue - the Most Popular Rooms
  • orange - Trending Rooms
  • grey - your Recently Visited Rooms
  • peach - bookmarked Models list
  • yellow - currently viewing Model.

Remember that everything is possible to see with the free MyFreeCams token generator 2019. Generated coins don’t have any influence on using the site.

Mobile version of MyFreeCams - available with iOS and Android

MyFreeCams is the mobile friendly site. The same is with the token hack MyFreeCams website.

Using MyFreeCams in the mobile version

The mobile version of the site is compatible with smartphones and tablets. You can use iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Now you can enjoy the site with all its options with your mobile devices of all kinds.


The generator for tokens may be also used mobile with the special MyFreeCams smartphone version

The MyFreeCams token generator 2019 mobile version is the site that doesn’t need any special app to use. If you have any mobile device that may be connected with the Internet, you can use the generator both for iOS and Android.

The basic version of the adder divides into:

  • the MyFreeCams token generator 2019 PC option for Windows and MacOS computers
  • the MyFreeCams token generator mobile for smartphones and devices with iOS and Android.

Both options of the hack can work with the same efficiency in the PC and mobile versions.

The token - the official MyFreeCams currency used to pay for shows

The token is the official coin used on MyFreeCams. All shows are paid in this currency.

myfreecams tokens free

Tokens and payouts on MyFreeCams - exchange, prices and details important for users

Coins earned by Broadcasters have a simple MyFreeCams token exchange rate - the Model gets USD$0.05 per each token she got. If the Performer earns 2000 tokens, she will get $100 for her work.

Type of the show The price per second The price per minute Model’s earnings
Private chat 1 token/second 60 tokens/minute $3.00/minute
Voyeur/spy chat 0.333 token/second 20 tokens/minute $1.00/minute (per viewer of the show)
Group chat 0.166 token/second 10 tokens/minute $0.50/minute (per viewer of the show)
TruePrivate chat 1.33 token/second 80 tokens/minute $4.00/minute
Tips - - $0.05 from each token collected

For example, the Model in a private show, with two more people spying, would be earning 60+20+20 = 100 tokens per minute ($5.00 per minute) plus any tips. Or a model in a group show with 10 members would also be earning 100 tokens per minute, plus any tips.

There is also the additional way to earn - the Model can become one of the top 1000 highest-earning Models. Each month there is a bonus called 'Miss MyFreeCams' with the top reward of $1500 and all prizes totaling over $100,000.


MyFreeCams payout percentage for Broadcasters

The MyFreeCams tokens price depends on the package you buy. You can spend money and buy coins in the regular price or get free MyFreeCams working currency created with the free MyFreeCams token generator.

Coin package Price Cost per token Model’s payout Percentage
200 $19.99 $0.10 $0.05 50%
550 $49.99 $0.0909 $0.05 55.1%
900 $74.99 $0.0833 $0.05 60.01%
1875 $149.99 $0.08 $0.05 62.5%
3775 $299.99 $0.0795 $0.05 62.92%
7575 $599.99 $0.0792 $0.05 63.13%

OK, but how to get free tokens on MyFreeCams?

Gratis option for tokens for MyFreeCams with the special adder in 2019 mode

If you want to get gratis coins to spend on shows, you can get MyFreeCams tokens with the tool that is the MyFreeCams token generator online.

What is the hack for MyFreeCams created to get the currency in the gratis option?

What is the tool and how to get free tokens on MyFreeCams hack? The generator is the special cheat system designed to create token MyFreeCams coins.

The way of generating is easy and intuitive. The whole generating process with the MyFreeCams coin hack may be completed in less than 5 minutes. You don’t have to use any special apk (app) or download any software because everything works online. Just hack MyFreeCams and enjoy the gratis access to all things connected with using the website.

myfreecams tokens hack

PC option and smartphone mode for mobile phones of the cheat system for MyFreeCams. 2019 updates

The token hack for MyFreeCams can works on PC computers and has also the MyFreeCams smartphone version. But you don’t need any MyFreeCams phone app to use the method because everything works online.

The MyFreeCams tokens generator free PC, the MyFreeCams token generator app are the same MyFreeCams tools. The generator just has 2 versions of working that adapt to mobile and PC devices and that work with the same efficiency for computers, iOS and Android. It’s the special 2019 update that has changed the world of hacking tools.

Is it worth to use the cheat tool for MyFreeCams with the 2019 update?

The generator you can use here is the real, working and the most efficient MyFreeCam cheat system available on the market. You can use it more than once for one registered account that makes it the best 2019 tokens hack. Stop worrying about MyFreeCams cost of tokens, the value of coins doesn’t matter now and start enjoying the content of the site. With the MyFreeCams token generator 2019 it’s possible anytime you want.


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